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Equipment is a Necessity for Recycling!

At PWC International, we take recycling and it’s processes seriously and invest heavily in recycling equipment and technology. Recycling is a large, complicated process that often requires professional work from people like PWC International.

Let’s say you’re a grocery store that wants to have its boxes recycled: you’re going to need a baler to properly store the boxes and transport them. Or perhaps you want to have a way to compact other recyclable items in a smaller place to maintain your floorspace: you’ll need a compactor. Both of which PWC provides.

PWC International has a large selection of equipment and supplies to help you recycle easily and efficiently. This equipment is perfect for a wide variety of businesses and operations, and our balers even have warranties to ensure they perform the job right! Whether you’re searching to recycle boxes at a grocery store or compact your recyclables into a small place, PWC International can help! Find more details of our stock belo

Recycling Equipment & Services Available


Balers are a great solution to compress cardboard and other recyclables together into neat bundles for transport. Perfect for grocery stores, warehouses, and anywhere else that needs to compress cardboard or paper objects!


Nearly every business produces trash, and compactors are a phenomenal solution to keeping large quantities of trash in small spaces. These are especially useful in food service industries where you need all the floorspace you can get!

Drop Trailers

Drop trailers are left at their needed locations for a specific amount of time. Load them up, and eventually they will be picked up and shipped. These are great for anywhere specializing in packaged products like factories, warehouses and more!

Toll Grinding & Processing:

Toll Grinding and Processing involves shredding, packaging, grinding, particle size reduction, and more. It is the perfect service for warehouses and anyone else looking to get something ground up and reduced in size!

Other Important Equipment Information:

Warranties: PWC International provides cost effective reconditioned balers with warranties.

Delivery: PWC International offers a complete delivery service including installation and training.

Baler Wires Available

Billing: Prices can be billed or deducted from the revenue stream the equipment provides.

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