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Other Recycling Needs: Computers, Siding, Glass, and More.

PWC International understands that you or your company may use more than just average everyday recyclable items. Every day, electronics become more and more outdated, causing offices to update their computers and produce electronic waste. Some companies regularly use items that come in glass bottles, leading to glass pollution. Perhaps you run a company that specializes in renovating homes and you need to find a place for all that old metal siding. No matter the case, these items are dangerous to the environment and could last years should they end up in a landfill, polluting the land, water, and more.

That’s why we accept a select number of other recyclables to help your company be even more environmentally conscious than it already is. Below you can find a comprehensive list of the other materials we can help you recycle. If you do not see the item you are looking to get recycled, get in touch with us and ask- you’d be surprised what we can do for you!

Other Materials Accepted By PWC International


Pre-consumer glass is the only glass we accept, and it must be brown or clear in color.

Scrap Metal:

Tin/Aluminum, Steel, structural, copper, shredded scrap, etc.

Electronic Scrap:

Computers, monitors, etc.

Other Materials Accepted in the Following Forms:

| Baled | Loose in Galord Boxes/Totes | Regrind | Repro

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