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Secondary Items: More Environmental Impact Than You’d Think

Clothing, stuffed animals, and other secondary items tend to be overlooked when people consider recycling. Usually when people think of recycling they picture metal, plastic, etc. However, items beyond this can be recycled here with PWC International! Stuffed animals, for example, are a largely unnoticed environmental threat.

Sure, many years ago stuffed animals were made with rags, wood shavings, and other fibers that made them safe to throw away. Nowadays, however, many modern stuffed animals are made with polyester, which may feel soft, but is actually an oil-based product. This creates a rather tough issue: all of those mass-produced toys and other products containing polyester can create a major toll on the environment if not properly recycled.

That does not, however, mean that stuffed animals are the only culprit! Shoes often contain rubbers and plastics, books can be bound and persevered with non-biodegradable products, and many children’s toys are made with plastic that takes 450 years to break down! These issues are why PWC International offers recycling services for these items and more, and you can find our accepted items below. Our pricing is based upon weight (per lb), as well as the quality, amount, and logistics/location of the items. If you’re looking for more information regarding these products, get in touch with us!

Accepted Textile & Misc. Items

Plastic & Hard Toys:

We only accept 1ft x 1ft and under in Gaylord boxes.

Purses & Belts:

Accepted in Gaylord boxes.

Border Rags:

Accepted in a baled format, we do not accept #1.


Accepted in Gaylord boxes.


We accept paired & single shoes in Gaylord boxes.


Accepted in Gaylord boxes.

Stuffed Toys:

Accepted in a baled format or in Gaylord boxes.

Mixed Rags:

Accepted in a baled format.

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